Consumer Packaged Goods


A leading 25-year-old CPG brand wanted a better understanding of the markets they currently serve, their market potential and coverage, and the effectiveness of their distribution channels. The decisions for market expansion, manpower hiring, product enhancements, brand visibility, marketing campaigns etc., were based on either normal market feedback, executive’s perceptions, or from various consulting firms. The board decided they wanted to change their decision-making processes to a more accurate, data-driven approach with the goal of growing their global presence and market share.


  • Brand’s legacy systems had limited data and new systems had incomplete data collections.
  • Historical data was inaccurate and needed validation.
  • Hiring new employees in multiple departments caused delays in data validation.
  • Location data was unavailable and required reverse geocoding of over 27,000 locations.
  • Distribution detailing required additional datasets that had to be collected manually.
  • The pandemic created various challenges that impacted the brand’s operations.

How Are We Making An Impact

Deepspatial’s platform was able provide the brand with a detailed geodemographic profile of their potential customer base and visually interact with their existing market coverage. Using the platform, the brand identified coverage gaps at a granular level which helped understand multiple high-potential zones to increase market coverage. Deepspatial’s platform helped the brand analyze their entire distribution network with wholesalers, retailers, and e-commerce channels. The platform provided the brand with a visual of their current active markets, their potential growth areas, their optimal distributor coverage models, and product mix recommendations for high-potential markets. Finally, the brand was empowered to re-strategize their marketing campaigns with the help of the platform’s geodemographic and factor analysis features.

Visible Outcomes

  • Brand’s revenue increased substantially month over month with the aid of AI-driven insights from Deepspatial’s platform.
  • Micro level market analysis improved product coverage and accessibility in high-performing locations.
  • The platform provided highly-specific and targeted marketing campaigns and strategic business outreach.
  • The brand optimized their client distribution network.
  • They enhanced their current markets and expanded into new high-potential markets.
  • Logistic and operation processes were optimized using the platform’s insights.