Food and Beverage


A leading Food and Beverage client wanted to increase its profitability and expand its consumer base. Even after increasing the budget for staff salaries, infrastructure improvements, and marketing campaigns there was no noticeable increase in the brand’s bottom line. The client reached out to Deepspatial to seek an alternative approach to increasing their bottom line.


  • The client lacked access to crucial data sources such as consumer information and market insights.
  • They wanted to optimize operations and increase sales.
  • The brand aimed to gather detailed demographic profiles around their store locations.
  • They sought to optimize product assortment and pricing in relation to competition in surrounding areas.
  • Understanding factors that affect customer traffic was a priority for the brand.

How Are We Making An Impact

Deepspatial’s platform provided the client with granular data on the spending capacity of people in surrounding areas, market competition, and market demand. Deepspatial identified over 1,000 data variables calculated using proprietary algorithms to produce accurate predictions. Additionally, Deepspatial platform allowed the Food & Beverage executives to view comprehensive demographic profiles with real-time data visualization showing income levels, spending patterns, market segmentation, competition mapping and other relevant variables. This helped the client to maximize their market share, gain competitive advantage and identify gaps to maximize store performance.

Visible Outcomes

  • The platform provided granular geodemographic data including income, customer behavior, buying patterns, and store performance.
  • The data helped the client understand their market size and consumer habits.
  • Location-specific insights and footfall drivers were identified.
  • Recommendations assisted in relocating an under-performing restaurant to a suggested high-potential location.
  • Menu optimization was based on purchasing capacity, spending behavior, and eating habits of nearby residents.
  • The insights, prescriptions, and recommendations led to improved revenue and expansion of two more restaurants for the brand.