Oil and Gas


Clean energy is an important and lucrative industry and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is increasingly being used to reduce dependence on crude oil. However, distribution of CNG comes with its own challenges such as sourcing, pipelines, gas stations, large manpower, and a host of other transportation factors. With an increasing vehicle fleet using CNG, our client wanted to optimize their operations and improve service delivery in order to increase customer retention, satisfaction, brand image, and optimize logistics and operations to impact their bottom line.


  • The client relied on multiple systems including SCADA, VTS, MIS, Excel, and manual handwritten data on notebooks.
  • Lack of coordination and effective management of tools caused supply issues in multiple locations.
  • Logistical costs for transportation were high.
  • There was a dependency on contractual manpower that was not optimal or sustainable.

How Are We Making An Impact

The nearly 1 year-long applied research analysis on Deepspatial’s Platform helped create a unique learning environment which could predict the demand at the Gas Stations with over 90% accuracy on a 24, 4, and 72 hour advance forecast. The Platform provided the client with a detailed logistical transportation prescription from vehicle fill up to fleet optimization and driver optimization to estimated time of arrival at stations. Furthermore, Deepspatial’s Platform was integrated with the clients existing systems to continuously draw real time data to empower quick, data-driven decision making.

Visible Outcomes

  • The client experienced a substantial increase in new and repeat customers by utilizing Deepspatial’s Platform.
  • Improved gas availability and better-managed services resulted in more positive customer feedback.
  • Optimization of logistical and management operations led to increased revenue and margin.
  • The client’s brand image was positively impacted.
  • With the assistance of Deepspatial, the client was able to expand into new territories.
  • Overhead costs were significantly reduced, enabling the expansion.