A leading 25-year-old CPG brand wanted a better understanding of the markets they currently serve, their market potential and coverage, and the effectiveness of their distribution channels. The decisions for market expansion, manpower hiring, product enhancements, brand visibility, marketing campaigns etc., were based on either normal market feedback, executive’s perceptions, or from various consulting firms. The board decided they wanted to change their decision-making processes to a more accurate, data-driven approach with the goal of growing their global presence and market share.


The client was operating on a tight schedule, and they required insights in less than 90 days. They wanted to optimize their product assortments that generate maximum revenue from their locations. The client’s data was siloed, and inter-departmental collaboration was limited. Deepspatial worked cross functionally with the sales, marketing, logistic, and several of the client’s departments who were critical to the success of these new locations.

How Are We Making An Impact

Using hundreds of data metrics, spatial layers, demographic data, internal client data, and primary research data, Deepspatial’s platform was able to provide several insights relating to high-potential locations for new store expansion and inventory optimization for customers in each location. Insights, predictions, and prescriptions for informed decision making were provided by the Deepspatial platform and decision-makers of each department utilized Deepspatial’s data-driven recommendations in confidence.

Visible Outcomes

Deepspatial’s platform provided the Retail brand insights, prescriptions, and recommendations used to find new high-performing locations for their brand and optimize processes and decisions. The client was able to reduce their usual scouting time from over 45 days to less than 3 days with highly accurate detailed reports on optimal locations for their stores, demographic analysis, customer paying capacity, buyers’ behavior, demand for different items, SKU Level forecasting, supply chain management, and revenue generation opportunities.