January 24, 2022

Marks Entry in New Infrastructureand Urban Planning Sector

Key Contracts inPipeline to Play Crucial Role in Growth of Deepspatial

TORONTO – Deepspatial Inc.(CSE:DSAI) (OTCQB:DSAIF) (“Deepspatial” or the “Company”), an outcome based artificial intelligence company,enabling organizations to enhance their decision making capabilities byleveraging the power of data and AI, today announced the expansion ofits Partner Program and a new contract in Infrastructure and Urban Planning.

On October 5, 2021, Deepspatialannounced its first partner, IPE Global, as part of the company’s Partner Programwhere partners will act as ambassadors for the company’s Geospatial AIsolutions and services. Deepspatial has been steadily building its Partner Programwith the goal of expanding into key industries & verticals.

Today, we are proud to announcethe addition of a new partner and a new contract in India focusing on Healthand Sanitation Planning, Waste Disposal Planning, Infrastructure Planning, andTourism Site Planning and Development. Due to privacy reasons, this partner andclient wish to remain anonymous.

The contract marks a new entry inthe infrastructure and urban planning sector for Deepspatial, where itssolutions will be used to support organizations and provide AI & data drivendecision making for key Government personnel, ensuring a better future andquality of life for its citizens. Details about the project include identifyinghealthcare requirements in certain areas, identifying opportunities to minimizewaste disposal, identifying road network conditions and more.

Exposure to the Infrastructureand Urban Planning sector presents a large business opportunity for Deepspatial.The global urban planning software and services market size is anticipated toreach USD 192.35 billion by 2028.1

“We are expecting several keycontracts to be executed which currently stand in our pipeline that willprovide Deepspatial with meaningful revenue. We anticipate these key projectswill play a crucial role in Deepspatial’s success and open the door to manyopportunities in the Government sector. We see a lot of gaps in parts of theworld where our solutions can vastly improve the rough conditions of society,and we are excited to have the opportunity to make such an impact,” Said Dr.Rahul Kushwah, CEO of Deepspatial.


About Deepspatial Inc.

Deepspatial is an outcome based artificial intelligence company, enabling organizations toenhance their decision-making capabilities by leveraging the power of data andAI. From finding the most efficient supply chain routes to knowing where todevelop next, Deepspatial’s AI-driven platform enables its clients to visualizewhat’s going on, predict what’s coming, analyze data, and optimize processes tomake smarter decisions for a better future. For more information, visit www.Deepspatial.aiand follow us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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