January 18, 2022

Deepspatial Inc. ProvidesCorporate Update and Highlights Key Milestones Anticipated in 2022

January 18, 2022 08:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time

TORONTO – Deepspatial Inc. (CSE:DSAI) (OTCQB:DSAIF)(“Deepspatial” or the “Company”), an artificial intelligence (AI) technologySaaS company at the forefront of geospatial artificial intelligence andgeographic information systems, specializing in providing robust, AI-poweredsolutions to businesses and government organizations, today provided acorporate update and highlighted key milestones anticipated in 2022.

“2021 was a year of notable growth for Deepspatial. From presentingour product to many companies and organizations to adding incredible talent tothe team, we are very excited to achieve our strategic commercialization growthplan for 2022. On the technology side, we have made significant improvements toour AI engine and added several features to the product that will furtherexpand Deepspatial’s market reach and potential. The past several months havebeen very busy for our business development team, with over twenty (20) promisingprojects and lucrative opportunities in our sales pipeline spanning several industries,including government sectors, that we are eager to make an impact with.” SaidDr. Rahul Kushwah, Chief Executive Officer at Deepspatial.

Key Strategic Initiatives & Milestones Anticipated in 2022:

•     Expand our Sales, Software, Data-Science, andMarketing team to meet the ever-growing demand for Geo-Spatial AI solutions

•     Make several patent additions to our technology USpatent portfolio

•     Engage strategic partners to expandDeepspatial’s key-data resource for our customer needs

•     Entry into specific Government sectors like Education,Agriculture, Healthcare, and Law Enforcement.

•     Offer Digital Twin functionality for ourcustomers to allow for an immersive experience with their physical assets andworking infrastructure in a virtual world. This will mark our entry into theMetaverse where eventually our customers will be able to connect with theircustomers and partners to engage in executing meaningful commercial businesstransactions.

 Dr. Kushwah added, “We have a lot of work cut out for us atDeepspatial, and we are focused on expanding our team to meet the overwhelmingdemand for our solutions and work towards meeting our initiatives for 2022. Oursoftware development and AI data-science team are working earnestly to completeand deliver the new-and-improved version of the Deepspatial platform to bringto market a robust, visually enhanced AI-powered product that solves manyindustry-wide companies and organization’s problems. Apart from servingbusinesses, Deepspatial plans to be aiding Government organizations to positivelyimpact socioeconomic change.”

“The interesting part of the Deepspatial platform is itsability to combine cognitive AI with geographic information to enable theircustomers to make informed decisions. The pipeline of projects this youngcompany has confirms there is a need for a platform that goes beyond basic AI-drivenanalytics.” Said Kapil Raval, Director of Business Development for AI solutionsat Microsoft and Advisor at Deepspatial.

 About Deepspatial Inc.

Deepspatial Inc. is an artificial intelligence, technologySaaS company at the forefront of geospatial artificial intelligence andgeographic informational systems, specializing in providing robust, AI-poweredsolutions to businesses by leveraging the power of geospatial data. The companyhas currently built products that target four specific customer needs acrossindustry verticals. These are (1) geodemographic customer profiling, (2) pricerecommendation engine, (3) inventory management and supply chain analytics(market entry and expansion), and (4) sentiment monitoring to measure andimprove brand health. To learn more, please visit our website at or follow uson Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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