Deepspatial partners with USC for data

Deepspatial Partners With University Of Southern California Following Successful Showcase Of Its Technology At United Nation’s AI Forum

Deepspatial Inc. has partnered with the department of population and public health sciences of the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC).

Deepspatial has developed a proprietary outcome-based Geospatial AI technology-driven platform for planning, operations, governance, and decision making in the education, healthcare, agriculture and law enforcement sectors. The Company was invited to present at the United Nations General Assembly Forum, UNESCO Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility 2022 Global Conference held on September 2022, speaking to the positive impact of its Platform on communities and the contribution to UNESCO’s mandate of achieving sustainable development. To watch the presentation please visit the link at the bottom of this page.

Following the showcase of Deepspatial’s technology at the conference, the Company was approached by several organizations from Government, Education and Research sectors.

Deepspatial has since partnered with University of Southern California whereby USC researchers and the Company will collaborate to gain access to data sources relating to population and public health to generate reports, including manuscripts to be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Furthermore, Deepspatial will provide guidance to USC faculty and students to gain insight into the use of Artificial Intelligence in Population and Public Health research as well as the planning, operations, governance, and decision making in healthcare.

“Partnering with USC marks an important milestone for Deepspatial, while we intend not only to share our expertise with the faculty and students of the University, but also gain knowledge and resources in the process – and of course doing our part in UN’s sustainable plan by helping Governments in various global regions. We continue to look forward to building long-term shareholder value through our IP, notable work, and partnerships,” commented Dr. Rahul Kushwah, Chief Executive Officer at Deepspatial.

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